Painting: Interior & Exterior

Paint will serve two functions; the first is protection. A good coating will keep the sun and moisture away. The second purpose of paint is to beautify with the desired color and finish. It is out job to properly prepare the surface and apply the paint correctly in order to provide both protection and beauty.

Preparation is 90% of a paint job

We scrap off any loose paint, fill the cracks, sand, prime the surface and then paint. It is critical that these initial steps are thoroughly performed. This ensures you of the longest lasting look and finish.

Here are the Steps Involved with Exterior Painting

1. Clean the Surface with a power wash
2. Scrape and sand to remove lose paint and debris.
3. Fill  cracks in siding and trim with the appropriate compound
5. Caulk.
6. Prime.
7. Apply top coat of paint

We paint with the highest quality paints and coatings. We use only the highest quality brands of exterior paint with proven effectiveness against sun, rain, mildew and peeling.

Here are the Steps Involved with Interior Painting

1. Wash all areas that may cause adhesion problems.
2. Caulk and putty where necessary.
3. Fix minor drywall repairs.
4. Prime bare wood, drywall, and metal.
5. Cover and protect floors and furniture.
6. Scrap and sand where necessary.
7. Apply top quality paint.

We give attention to detail, giving you a quality, professional job that you deserve. We will protect valuable non painted surfaces such as your carpet, flooring and furniture.

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